New Rules for Covid-19

Welcome to the Museum of Illusions Istanbul.

We would like to have your full attention since we want to inform you regarding some very important instructions that have to do with your health and safety which is our main priority as a Museum. Please follow them very carefully while entering to the world of Illusions.

First of all, we would like to inform you that we comply in every safety state regulation. For this reason, all of our staff is wearing gloves and masks. As you will see inside, every surface is thoroughly cleaned by disinfecting products several times during the day. In several spots in our museum you will find sanitizers and we urge you to use them.

At the entrance of the museum, all of our visitors’ temperature is measured.

Finally, we would like to offer you gloves and masks if you do not have any. You are kindly requested to wear them during your visit. Before exiting there is a can where you can leave them and sanitizer if you want to clean your hands once more.

During your visit, you will see arrows and directions within the museum. In addition, our staff will give you information about your travel route. You will see numbers in the exhibitions. For example, the first exhibition you will see will be number 1 and you will follow the numbers to move on to the next exhibition. Please keep a 1,5-meter distance from the other visitors. After you finish your tour and before exiting again to the reception area please make sure that the gift shop is empty and then proceed. If not, please wait until there are only two customers and you may visit our gist shop area where you can find a variety of games and other products.

Finally, you can take as many photos and videos as you want inside. On the floor, you will see signs with camera marks on it. These will allow you to take the most beautiful photos with illusions. You can find the explanations of each exhibition next to the exhibitions. Please read them carefully to help you understand what to do and what you see. Reading the instructions makes your museum experience more fun and knowledgeable. In addition, some exhibits contain photographs that show how you should stop and what the correct result is when you take the picture. Our staff will always be near you to provide information and help.

If you have any questions, please to ask our personnel.

Thank you very much, have fun.